Lori Clark Aging Life Care Professional®

...More Than A Decade of Experience...

Lori Clark received her first nursing degree in 2008 and advanced to earn a master’s in nursing from Capella University. She practiced as a registered nurse for 10 years prior to becoming a geriatric care manager and member of the Aging Life Care Association®

Lori Clark serves on the board of the Houston Area Continuity of Care and is a member of the National Care Planning Council. As an Aging Life Care Professional®, Lori continues the art of nursing – caring – by guiding and advocating for seniors in the Houston area. 

With more than a decade of experience in healthcare and coordinating services on behalf of people and their family members, Lori Clark is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate. She is skilled in helping people access resources, making proactive plans, and handling situations as they arise. 

Lori Clark, EdS, MSN, RN, Aging Life Care Professional®

Lori Clark, EdS, MSN, RN, Aging Life Care Professional®